Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis


Frontman and singer of the rock band Korn who has also worked as a DJ under the name JDevil.
  • When was
    Jonathan Davis born?

    Jonathan Davis was born on Monday, January 18, 1971

  • Where was
    Jonathan Davis born?

    Jonathan Davis was born in Bakersfield, CA

  • How old is
    Jonathan Davis?

    Jonathan Davis is 53

  • How much is Jonathan Davis worth?

    Jonathan Davis is worth $50 Million

Best Quotes

  • He was a guy who really liked Sinatra, stuck at this alternative-rock radio station, ... So we had the character record his own versions of these (alternative) songs. That was the original inspiration for Cheese.
  • Clinton was saying that the school-killings in Colorado were connected with rock music, but that is stupid. The government needed to blame it on something and rock seemed to be the easiest target.
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