Josephine Hull

Josephine Hull


Josephine Sherwood changed her name after marrying stage actor Shelly Hull in 1910. She studied drama at Radcliffe College -- much to the dismay of her parents -- and first worked on the stage in a stock company in Boston. Her husband died in 1919, aged 35, of Spanish influenza. Josephine left the stage for three years and never re-married but resumed her theatrical career with renewed vigour from 1923. Short and dumpy of stature and with a distinctively brittle delivery, Josephine possessed an undeniable stage presence as well as exquisite timing. On Broadway, she alternated between comedy and drama. One of her best performances was as a member of the balmy Vanderhof family in You Can't Take It with You (1938) (the film version by Frank Capra came out two years later).
  • When was
    Josephine Hull born?

    Josephine Hull was born on Wednesday, January 3, 1877

  • Where was
    Josephine Hull born?

    Josephine Hull was born in Newtonville, Massachusetts, USA

  • How old was
    Josephine Hull when they died?

    Josephine Hull was 80

  • When did Josephine Hull die?

    Josephine Hull died on
    Tuesday, March 12, 1957

  • How tall is Josephine Hull?

    Josephine Hull is 5'2"(1.58m)

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