Kaki Hunter

Kaki Hunter


Born Katherine Hunter, this skinny bombshell of an actress started off with a guest appearance on Hawaii Five-O (1968) but got her first break when she starred alongside Meat Loaf, of all people, in the 1980 film Roadie (1980). After that, she landed a role in Porky's (1981) as Wendy Williams, the only female member of the gang. While merely a sex object in the first film, her character really evolved in the second film, giving her much more depth than most of the male stars in the subsequent films. A very pretty, and surprisingly versatile actress, it is a shame she did not stick to films after loyally finishing off the Porky's trilogy. Kaki currently resides in Moab, Utah, where she juggles being a white water rafting instructor and building houses.
  • When was
    Kaki Hunter born?

    Kaki Hunter was born on Sunday, November 6, 1955

  • Where was
    Kaki Hunter born?

    Kaki Hunter was born in Silver Sprg, Maryland, USA

  • How old is
    Kaki Hunter?

    Kaki Hunter is 67

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