Katherine Rugani

Katherine Rugani


A frequent stage performer and musician in the Milwaukee-Chicago area, and fluent in Italian, her last stage appearance was in 1963 as Mary in an Italian-language version of the Passion Play in her adopted city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, where she arrived in 1917. In 1923 she was a runner-up in the Miss Kenosha contest. Throughout the 1930s she appeared on stage with her husband Silvio in musical ensembles (as a pianist and accordionist) and in several stock productions including "Moon Over Mulberry Street".
  • When was
    Katherine Rugani born?

    Katherine Rugani was born on Saturday, November 12, 1898

  • Where was
    Katherine Rugani born?

    Katherine Rugani was born in South Range, Michigan, USA

  • How old was
    Katherine Rugani when they died?

    Katherine Rugani was 72

  • When did Katherine Rugani die?

    Katherine Rugani died on
    Thursday, October 29, 1970

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