Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves


Played Neo in the Matrix trilogy, a role for which he won a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actor in an Action Film. He starred in Constantine and was highly praised for his theatrical performance in Hamlet. His roles in The Day The Earth Stood Still, John Wick and 47 Ronin gained him additional fame.  Excelling in hockey, he originally intended on becoming an Olympic hockey player for Canada. A serious injury ended this dream.  Early in his career, he appeared in Bill & Ted's E
  • When was
    Keanu Reeves born?

    Keanu Reeves was born on Wednesday, September 2, 1964

  • Where was
    Keanu Reeves born?

    Keanu Reeves was born in Beirut, Lebanon

  • How old is
    Keanu Reeves?

    Keanu Reeves is 59

  • How much is Keanu Reeves worth?

    Keanu Reeves is worth $360 Million

Best Quotes

  • I'm a meathead. I can't help it, man. You've got smart people and you've got dumb people.
  • The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.
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