Kenny Baker

Kenny Baker


British actor who played R2-D2 in the Star Wars films. He also played Paploo, an Ewok who steals a speeder bike, in Return of the Jedi. He went to a boarding school as a child and wanted to have a career as an engraver like his father. In 2009, he published a biography titled From Tiny Acorns: The Kenny Baker Story. He was married to Eileen Baker from 1970 until her death in 1993. Neither of their two children have dwarfism. He starred in George Lucas' popular film series Star Wars.
  • When was
    Kenny Baker born?

    Kenny Baker was born on Friday, August 24, 1934

  • Where was
    Kenny Baker born?

    Kenny Baker was born in Birmingham, England

  • How old is
    Kenny Baker?

    Kenny Baker is 89

  • How much is Kenny Baker worth?

    Kenny Baker is worth $2 Million

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  • I skated in ice shows all over Europe and South Africa for 20 years. I love to ice skate.
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