Khia Lopez

Khia Lopez


Fashion model for The Weekend Wardrobe and blogger for We're So Fancy who would also become an official model for Kidz Fashion.  She developed a passion for dance in addition to modeling from a young age. She was taking up to 8 dance classes at once. She competed at the USA Spirit Cheer competition in 2015. She has brothers named Kash and Jett. Her mother Tiffany is a stylist and helps run her Instagram account. She has posted pictures to Instagram alongside her friend Trista Peszko.
  • When was
    Khia Lopez born?

    Khia Lopez was born on Sunday, August 29, 2004

  • Where was
    Khia Lopez born?

    Khia Lopez was born in California

  • How old is
    Khia Lopez?

    Khia Lopez is 17

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