Kuniko Igawa

Kuniko Igawa


Born Toshiko Nonaka, she began acting as Toshiko Kôno before changing her name again after World War II during the golden age of Japanese cinema to Kuniko Igawa. She became a café owner after she retired, which occurred in 1977, in Kamakura. Coffee Igawa is still a going concern despite her death in 2012 and being run by her relatives who had taken over the operation of the café earlier as Igawa had slipped, fallen and was unable to continue as before. Igawa was in approximately 60 films
  • When was
    Kuniko Igawa born?

    Kuniko Igawa was born on Monday, October 15, 1923

  • Where was
    Kuniko Igawa born?

    Kuniko Igawa was born in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

  • How old was
    Kuniko Igawa when they died?

    Kuniko Igawa was 89

  • When did Kuniko Igawa die?

    Kuniko Igawa died on
    Thursday, October 4, 2012

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