Kurt Kreuger

Kurt Kreuger


Kreuger was born in Michenberg, Germany, but raised in St Moritz, Switzerland. His father disapproved of his son's wanderlust and interest in acting. Kreuger attended the University of London's School of Economics for a short time and then transferred to Columbia University in New York. When he dropped out, his allowance was cut off. In 1939 he took a job as a travel agent and enrolled with the Provincetown Players on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. He became a US citizen in 1944. In 1941 he landed a small part in "Candle in the Wind" on Broadway, starring Helen Hayes. He understudied one of the lead roles.
  • When was
    Kurt Kreuger born?

    Kurt Kreuger was born on Sunday, July 23, 1916

  • Where was
    Kurt Kreuger born?

    Kurt Kreuger was born in Michenberg, Germany

  • How old was
    Kurt Kreuger when they died?

    Kurt Kreuger was 90

  • When did Kurt Kreuger die?

    Kurt Kreuger died on
    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

  • How tall is Kurt Kreuger?

    Kurt Kreuger is 6'1"(1.85m)

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