Kyle Hughes

Kyle Hughes


Kyle grew up in New Jersey where he was involved in his High School Theater Department and on the football field as a star linebacker. He continued to share his athletic talent throughout his years in Midland College in Nebraska. He built a reputation as a hardworking and tough player and brings that same attitude with him now. His post-collegiate occupation as a construction manager led him to travel throughout the country where he gained invaluable knowledge of human behavior by observing a wide variety of people and characters. His passion to act came roaring back to him in his early thirties and he has been moving steadfast in his pursuits ever since. Kyle continued to develop his talent through his studies with one of New York City's top instructors, Maggie Flanigan. His remarkable dedication to his craft is fueled by raw passion and a fearless approach to his work. Kyle is a Professional Firefighter and has also written several short films and a Feature. A proud Irish American, Kyle is very driven and dreams of bringing his own unique stories to the screen. At the age of 31, he decided to take a giant leap into acting.
  • When was
    Kyle Hughes born?

    Kyle Hughes was born on Tuesday, November 13, 1973

  • Where was
    Kyle Hughes born?

    Kyle Hughes was born in Passaic, New Jersey, USA

  • How old is
    Kyle Hughes?

    Kyle Hughes is 49

  • How tall is Kyle Hughes?

    Kyle Hughes is 5'8"(1.73m)

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