Kyôko Kagawa

Kyôko Kagawa


Born in Namegata, Ibaraki Prefecture in 1931, Kagawa Kyoko (also Makino Kyoko) has endured through the golden age of Japanese cinema, into the end of the century and onto the new to act in many of the more important films from her native country. Growing up she had aspired to learn English and then to become a ballerina after watching Swan Lake, but fate and a beauty contest sponsored by The Tokyo Shimbun newspaper intervened and cast her into the role of an actress. She began her career at the defunct Shintoho Studio in 1949. Films like Tokyo Story, Sansho The Bailiff and High And Low directed respectively by Ozu, Yasujiro, Mizoguchi, Kenji and Kurosawa, Akira have captured and immortalized her. She married and moved to New York City, USA with her husband, a reporter, and child for three years in 1965. She went through a couple of dry spells mid-career when roles had vanished, one of which lasted three years and was broken when a call came from Kurosawa to work on Maadadayo. It was the first time the actress and director worked together in 28 years. Kagawa won a Japanese Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film. She was awarded a Japanese Medal With Purple Ribbon in 1998 for her contribution to Japanese life and arts. She was the subject of a film perspective at the Tokyo International Film Festival and Japan's National Film Centre in 2011. She also received an award in the same year from The International Federation Of Film Archives for her movie preservation effort. She was the first Japanese actor to receive this prize. She has done commercial work in the '70s and '80s (House Foods) and more recently for Lawson stores and Kirin Brewery. Overall she has a dozen awards, a couple of books and even a music single to her credit.
  • When was
    Kyôko Kagawa born?

    Kyôko Kagawa was born on Saturday, December 5, 1931

  • Where was
    Kyôko Kagawa born?

    Kyôko Kagawa was born in Ibaraki, Japan

  • How old is
    Kyôko Kagawa?

    Kyôko Kagawa is 92

  • How tall is Kyôko Kagawa?

    Kyôko Kagawa is 5'3"(1.62m)

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