Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan


Midfielder who joined the US Men's national soccer team in 2000 and shortly after became one of the team's leaders.
  • When was
    Landon Donovan born?

    Landon Donovan was born on Thursday, March 4, 1982

  • Where was
    Landon Donovan born?

    Landon Donovan was born in Ontario, CA

  • How old is
    Landon Donovan?

    Landon Donovan is 42

  • How much is Landon Donovan worth?

    Landon Donovan is worth $12 Million

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  • We're getting our rings, it's opening night and it's going to be exciting. It's our job to win the game and send everybody home happy.
  • We qualified, and that is great. But let us get better over the next seven months. It does not mean you relax. Guys that get a chance to play now should prove that they belong. And that makes the depth of our team better.
  • We give teams too much respect sometimes, ... We wanted to come out and put them under pressure. If they were good enough to beat it and get out of it, fine, but I didn't think they would be and sure enough getting the ball behind them, getting fouls and putting them in uncomfortable positions and next you know you're in control of the game.
  • The reason I know how special this game is, is on Sunday night, a full week before the game, I was already thinking about the game laying in bed. And I never do that. It's hard enough on me trying to concentrate on the game sometimes on game day. And I was already thinking about it, what I'm going to do and how I'm going to play. How it's going to feel when we win. That says it all.
  • Our goal is to continue progressing in the World Cup,
  • Literally from the first minute, they went down, ... They wanted to make a big drama out of the game.
  • It was a wake-up call in Germany. Watching it was really frustrating. I just think our spirit needs to be better and that we are better than that.
  • If you look at the teams, there's clearly a lot of firepower,
  • I hope we can do it. It would be the best possible ending to our qualifying.
  • I expected more from them. At least for the next three or four years, they'll shut up. They can't say anything.
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