Larry Anderson

Larry Anderson


Larry was just eleven years old when he delved into show business after seeing a magician perform at a Cub Scout function. By the time he was fourteen he was performing magic professionally, and over the next six years developed a reputation as one of the hottest young entertainers in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Along the way, Larry discovered another art form that would have a marked influence on his career - sales. Fascinated by carnival pitchmen, he developed a sales pitch around a trick deck of cards and began working a circuit of fairs hawking his cards for two bucks a deck. At the Minnesota State Fair he was spotted by a career pitchman who recognized his talents and introduced him to the world of Ginsu knives, Roll-A-Matic kitchen mops, the Miracle Slicer and a host of other products he would sell off and on over the next twenty years. Before moving to California, Larry attended two years at the University of Minnesota majoring in theatre arts, and then Brown Institute where he
  • Where was
    Larry Anderson born?

    Larry Anderson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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  • The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.
  • Why does everybody stand up and sing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' when they're already there?
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