Larry Ludwig

Larry Ludwig


One of modern TV and moviedom's most sturdy and reliable character actors, Larry Ludwig dreamed of being an actor from early childhood. Although he came from a traditional middle-class family that urged him to get a real job and settle down, Ludwig felt more at home with the world of entertainment. At 14, with self taught guitar playing skills he began writing and recording songs, sending them to publishers. Living on a farm in Pennsylvania thwarted his thespian aspirations until the family moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia in his sophomore high school year. At graduation friends and fellow classmates convinced him that California was the place to be. Against his parents wishes young Ludwig hitch-hiked his way thru the south to eventually, (after a short stint working with "Gooding's Million Dollar Midways" as a roustabout), end up in Los Angeles. Working pretty much non stop as a movie extra proved to be the luck that placed him in front of Director John Hughes in a scene actor John Candy asked Larry to help improvise. This scene in "Planes Trains and Automobiles" and a "Taft Hartley" to Union Actor status was enough to get the attention of commercial Agent Peggy Pintauro who's guidance led to several high profile national commercials for Mercedes Benz.(The Man who invented Safety science), next a television series "St. Elsewhere" helped Ludwig hone his acting skills when a one time appearance as anesthesiologist Dr. Applebaum turned into a regular spot on the final season. This highly under-noticed character actor has been steadily adding Film and TV credits to his resume for the last twenty five years or so and shows no sign of slowing down.
  • When was
    Larry Ludwig born?

    Larry Ludwig was born on Sunday, November 22, 1953

  • Where was
    Larry Ludwig born?

    Larry Ludwig was born in Ashland, Pennsylvania, USA

  • How old is
    Larry Ludwig?

    Larry Ludwig is 67

  • How tall is Larry Ludwig?

    Larry Ludwig is 5'11"(1.8m)

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