Lavinia Longhi

Lavinia Longhi


Lavinia Longhi was born in Mariano Comense, a small town near the Como Lake. She grew up with 2 brothers and a sister, her parents, her grandmother, two uncles and a cousin all in one house. Her mother is Montenegrin, so she spent every summertime in her grandmother's farm, on the banks of the Skuthari Lake. She hardly worked as bartender for many years to pay her travels and the theatre classes in Como, while she was studying at the Art School. After the gymnasium she went to get education as actress in a school of theatre in Milan. She graduated at the University of Preservation of Culturale Heritage in the field of Entertainment. At the age of 24 after years on stage she debuted in her first co-leading role in the TV series Il supermercato (2005) . After several short movies and an independent movie always as lead role she was casted by Marco Tullio Giordana for his film Wild Blood (2008) with Monica Bellucci in the lead character. The film was screened in Cannes Film Festival and Lavinia was spotted by international operators. The following year she played the co-lead role the Turkish feature film Being Italian with Signora Enrica (2010) alongside with the Italian icon Claudia Cardinale.
  • When was
    Lavinia Longhi born?

    Lavinia Longhi was born on Tuesday, March 18, 1980

  • Where was
    Lavinia Longhi born?

    Lavinia Longhi was born in Mariano Comense, Lombardy, Italy

  • How old is
    Lavinia Longhi?

    Lavinia Longhi is 43

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