Leah Wood

Leah Wood


Daughter of Rolling Stones member Ronnie Wood. She's worked as both a musician and activist paying special attention to climate change and rainforest protection.  She was born in America, but was largely raised in the UK. She attended the Hurtwood House and the Ibstock Place Schools.  She and her mother Jo Wood are both Global Cool ambassadors.  She married Jack Macdonald in 2008 and they share a daughter named Maggie and a son named Otis.  She's appeared in music videos for bands like B
  • When was
    Leah Wood born?

    Leah Wood was born on Friday, September 22, 1978

  • Where was
    Leah Wood born?

    Leah Wood was born in Los Angeles, CA

  • How old is
    Leah Wood?

    Leah Wood is 45

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