Liz Phair

Liz Phair


Singer-songwriter whose album Exile In Guyville is considered one of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. She has released popular singles like "Why Can't I?" and "Supernova." In 2016, she toured with rock band The Smashing Pumpkins.  S
  • When was
    Liz Phair born?

    Liz Phair was born on Monday, April 17, 1967

  • Where was
    Liz Phair born?

    Liz Phair was born in New Haven, CT

  • How old is
    Liz Phair?

    Liz Phair is 56

Liz Phair's Offical SoundCloud Account

Best Quotes

  • Well, if you've got a-one-in-a-million girl don't let her get away; 'cause the next one-in-a-million girl is a million girls away...
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