Lois Meredith

Lois Meredith


The daughter of a respectable psychologist, she was inspired to become an actress following a trip to Broadway in 1910 to see "The Girl With The Whooping Cough" starring Valeska Suratt. After receiving some education at the Professional Children's School she became active as a stage actress during the 1910s. She made her film debut in 1914 and went on to star in 22 motion pictures until 1937. During the Great Depression, she made a name for herself as a radio actress until her leave in 1939. She later became a well known drama teacher and educated hopefuls on the craft until the mid-1960s.
  • When was
    Lois Meredith born?

    Lois Meredith was born on Wednesday, December 3, 1890

  • Where was
    Lois Meredith born?

    Lois Meredith was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

  • How old was
    Lois Meredith when they died?

    Lois Meredith was 76

  • When did Lois Meredith die?

    Lois Meredith died on
    Sunday, January 15, 1967

  • How tall is Lois Meredith?

    Lois Meredith is 5'7"(1.71m)

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