Lucas Cruikshank

Lucas Cruikshank


Actor who gained internet fame for his fictional YouTube character Fred Figglehorn, spawning multiple television films on Nickelodeon starring Fred. He uploaded his first YouTube video in 2008. His YouTube channel was the first in history to have over one million subscribers. It has accumulated 2.9 million to date.Β  He has two brothers, Jacob and Ethan, and five sisters. His mother's name is Molly and his father's name is Dave. In early 2015, he announced that he and Matthew Fawcus were in
  • When was
    Lucas Cruikshank born?

    Lucas Cruikshank was born on Sunday, August 29, 1993

  • Where was
    Lucas Cruikshank born?

    Lucas Cruikshank was born in Columbus, NE

  • How old is
    Lucas Cruikshank?

    Lucas Cruikshank is 25

  • How much is Lucas Cruikshank worth?

    Lucas Cruikshank is worth $5 Million

Lucas Cruikshank's Offical Twitter Account - @lucascruikshank

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