M. Pokora

M. Pokora


French R&B singer known for hit solo singles like 2006's "It's Alright," "Belinda," and "Cette annee-la." He originally rose to fame as a member of the groups MC Unity and Linkup.  He aspired to be a professional soccer player like his father before turning to music.  He branched out into acting in 2013, playing Robin Hood in the comedy musical "Robin des Bois."  His father, Andre Tota, was a renowned professional soccer player. He started dating Christina Milian in 2017. He collaborated
  • When was
    M. Pokora born?

    M. Pokora was born on Thursday, September 26, 1985

  • Where was
    M. Pokora born?

    M. Pokora was born in Strasbourg, France

  • How old is
    M. Pokora?

    M. Pokora is 35

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