Mandy Muse

Mandy Muse


Mandy Muse, a dark-haired native of California was born in "America's Finest City" of San Diego on October 18, 1994. She grew up in Lake Forest in Orange County, CA. Growing up, she described herself as having been a good student in high school, and participated in cheer-leading during her sophomore year and Cross Country her junior year. She quickly developed physically as early as middle school, acquiring her attractive ass during her early teens. She lost her virginity as early as age 12 and experienced her first three-way sex between the ages of 14 and 15 and had sex with another girl as early as age 17. Before ever appearing in front of cameras, Mandy's first job was in fast food service working at Sonics. Her career in adult entertainment began after her threesome with a pair of U.S. Marines. One marine asked if she would appear in a scene with him and she agreed. Her amateur scene quickly spread through the internet with the help of her close friends and she was soon contacted through Facebook by an agent named Gabe who offered her work in nude modeling.
  • When was
    Mandy Muse born?

    Mandy Muse was born on Tuesday, October 18, 1994

  • Where was
    Mandy Muse born?

    Mandy Muse was born in San Diego, California, USA

  • How old is
    Mandy Muse?

    Mandy Muse is 26

  • How tall is Mandy Muse?

    Mandy Muse is 5'3"(1.6m)

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