Marcelle Corday


Touted by contemporary studio publicity as a 'native Parisian', Marcelle was in fact born in Brussels on January 8 1890. Her father, who was most definitely French, had her packed off to be educated at private schools in Paris and Geneva. She began her acting career on stage in her home town before moving to Paris where she delighted audiences as an ensemble member of Jacques Copeau's Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier. The financier and producer Otto Kahn eventually took over the company and brought the troupe to New York with a portfolio of twenty-five plays. They were to be featured at the Garrick Theatre in midtown Manhattan, which had been leased to Kahn in 1916. By 1924, the brunette, grey-eyed, somewhat regal looking actress had made her way to California for her feature film debut, perhaps at the behest of Kahn who was himself enamoured with Hollywood. Over the next 24 years, Marcelle would appear numerous times as (usually French) governesses, maids, concierges and nurses. By the mid
  • Where was
    Marcelle Corday born?

    Marcelle Corday was born in Brussels, Belgium

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