Marcus du Sautoy

Marcus du Sautoy


Brainbox Marcus De Saytoy is the Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. His passion lies in teaching difficult mathematical concepts and making them palatable for the general public. He has been very influential in popularising maths--showing how it affects every aspect of our lives from simple counting to any form of trade and even the homes in which we live. In recognition of his work he won the Michael Faraday Prize from the Royal Society of London for "excellence in communicating science to UK audiences". His academic work concerns mainly group theory and number theory. He is also the President of the Mathematical Association and previously an EPSRC Senior Media Fellow and a Royal Society University Research Fellow.
  • When was
    Marcus du Sautoy born?

    Marcus du Sautoy was born on Thursday, August 26, 1965

  • Where was
    Marcus du Sautoy born?

    Marcus du Sautoy was born in London, England, UK

  • How old is
    Marcus du Sautoy?

    Marcus du Sautoy is 56

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