Marie Logoreci

Marie Logoreci


Marie Logoreci was born in Shkoder on September 23, 1920. Her father Palok Curcija was a craftsman and her mother, Roza, was a housewife. Marie was very early introduced to home financial difficulties and to social dramas of the time also reflected in her family as well. Since her childhood Marie was called with the nickname Tush. She was a good child, chubby and very friendly with her peers. Tush was growing up and soon was enrolled at Stigmatine Sisters, a girls school where religious classes were part of the school program.
  • When was
    Marie Logoreci born?

    Marie Logoreci was born on Thursday, September 23, 1920

  • Where was
    Marie Logoreci born?

    Marie Logoreci was born in Shkodr, Albania

  • How old was
    Marie Logoreci when they died?

    Marie Logoreci was 68

  • When did Marie Logoreci die?

    Marie Logoreci died on
    Sunday, June 19, 1988

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