Mark Turpin

Mark Turpin


CEO of Yogscast LTD and gamer who simultaneously runs his own channel while making sure The Yogscast continues to grow and branch out. He previously worked with TotalBiscuit as a graphic designer and then as a host on various World of Warcraft podcasts. He joined YogTowers at the beginning of 2012 as a business development manager. He was born and raised in Bristol, England. He got married on the first day of February in 2014. He and his wife have a daughter. He became good friends with
  • When was
    Mark Turpin born?

    Mark Turpin was born on Monday, September 7, 1987

  • Where was
    Mark Turpin born?

    Mark Turpin was born in Bristol, England

  • How old is
    Mark Turpin?

    Mark Turpin is 34

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