Maximilian Dirr

Maximilian Dirr


Born in Munich Maximilian Dirr spent his childhood in both Germany and Italy, speaking both languages fluently. From 2004 until 2007 he studied Foreign Languages (English and Spanish) in Rome at the University "La Sapienza". He learned to speak English fluently. From 2007 until 2010 he completed an acting degree at Genoa's National Theatre Academy "Scuola di recitazione del Teatro Stabile di Genova". Immediately after his graduation in 2010 he started his first engagement with the Theatre's company. With "Le diable en partage" by Fabrice Melquiot Maximilan gave his stage debut. He remained a permanent member of the company until 2011.
  • When was
    Maximilian Dirr born?

    Maximilian Dirr was born on Thursday, January 6, 1983

  • Where was
    Maximilian Dirr born?

    Maximilian Dirr was born in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany

  • How old is
    Maximilian Dirr?

    Maximilian Dirr is 40

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