Mercedes Brignone

Mercedes Brignone


Mercedes Brignone (Madrid, May 18, 1885 - Milan, June 24, 1967) was an Italian actress of theater, cinema and television. Daughter of Giuseppe Brignone, and sister of Guido (film director, in turn the father of actress Lilla Brignone), began as a child in her father's company; She was a lively brilliant actress. In 1903 she married the actor Uberto Palmarini with whom she worked in the same company. A number of her performances on the big screen, in thirty years of career, passing from silent to sound cinema, especially in the genre of so-called "white telephone". In 1930 she was in the cast of the first Italian sound film: "La canzone dell'amore". Always busy with the theater, the Second World War the actress turned Italy with a series of particularly paid in typically bright companies: also worked with Ruggero Ruggeri and Tino Carraro. A few years before her die, she took part in the musical spectacle "Biblioteca di Studio Uno" (1964) for television.
  • When was
    Mercedes Brignone born?

    Mercedes Brignone was born on Monday, May 18, 1885

  • Where was
    Mercedes Brignone born?

    Mercedes Brignone was born in Madrid, Spa

  • How old was
    Mercedes Brignone when they died?

    Mercedes Brignone was 82

  • When did Mercedes Brignone die?

    Mercedes Brignone died on
    Saturday, June 24, 1967

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