Mickey Simpson

Mickey Simpson


A burly American supporting actor, Mickey Simpson was born Charles Henry Simpson to Fred and Bertha Rogers Simpson in Rochester, New York. His paternal heritage was Irish. He was the eldest of four sons, one of whom, Richard, died in childhood. When his father was unable to find work following the 1929 stock market crash, his mother supported the family as a waitress. By his 20s Mickey had grown into a hulking figure and considered a boxing career. He has been referred to in some sources as the 1935 "New York City Heavyweight Boxing Champion," but the only official records of his ring work are for two fights in Los Angeles in 1939, both of which he lost.
  • When was
    Mickey Simpson born?

    Mickey Simpson was born on Wednesday, December 3, 1913

  • Where was
    Mickey Simpson born?

    Mickey Simpson was born in Rochester, New York, USA

  • How old was
    Mickey Simpson when they died?

    Mickey Simpson was 72

  • When did Mickey Simpson die?

    Mickey Simpson died on
    Monday, September 23, 1985

  • How tall is Mickey Simpson?

    Mickey Simpson is 6'6"(1.98m)

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