Miho Nakayama

Miho Nakayama


Nakayama Miho was born in Tokyo, Japan. She made her debut on the 21st of June 1985 after being scouted while being in junior high by Box Corporation. She would soon switch to Big Apple however. She issued her debut album called C. She also appeared in the Be-Bop High School film. Her younger sister Nakayama Shinobu is also a singer and actress. Miho quickly became a star in Japan and had her likeness represented in a dating game. She also recorded in the USA. By this time she was one of the largest selling J-pop singers. Miho appeared in the film Love Letter in 1995. The film was a box-office success and Miho won the Best Actress awards at the 38th Blue Ribbon Awards among others. In the meantime, she jumped into the corporate gig thing and advertised for things like baseball teams, TDK cassettes and Kirin beer. She married singer Tsuji Hitonari in 2002, moved to Paris and divorced in 2014. She has one son. She issued a documentary on her life and its associated soundtrack and released a charity single for the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. She returned to television and movie work.
  • When was
    Miho Nakayama born?

    Miho Nakayama was born on Sunday, March 1, 1970

  • Where was
    Miho Nakayama born?

    Miho Nakayama was born in Tokyo, Japan

  • How old is
    Miho Nakayama?

    Miho Nakayama is 52

  • How tall is Miho Nakayama?

    Miho Nakayama is 5'2"(1.58m)

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