Mike Ditka

Mike Ditka


Mike Ditka was born on October 18, 1939 in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, USA as Michael Dyczko. He is an actor, known for Kicking & Screaming (2005), Entourage (2004) and UP, Michigan! (2001). He has been married to Diana Trantham since July 8, 1977. They have four children. He was previously married to Margery Ditka.
  • Where was
    Mike Ditka born?

    Mike Ditka was born in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, USA

  • How much is Mike Ditka worth?

    Mike Ditka is worth $30 Million

Best Quotes

  • The ones who want to achieve and win championships motivate themselves.
  • You have to be tough.
  • Well, after I had the heart attack, it was a very simple choice. What the doctor told me I did and I did it religiously. I ate nothing but lean turkey breast or chicken breast or a piece of fish that was very lean. I mean I stayed away from everything.
  • to have a Pittsburgh guy here. You don't need any more California guys here, gang. We don't need any of that crap.
  • Success is never permanent, and failure is never final.
  • Success isn't permanent, and failure isn't fatal.
  • It's better known as 'The Great Halftime Flush. It's equal to all the water which tumbles over Niagara Falls in seven minutes. The Halftime Flush -- that's very serious business. I mean, you've got 90 million Americans flushing toilets. You could have a tragic clogging problem in America.
  • If God had wanted man to play soccer, He wouldn't have given us arms
  • I'm not going to make it the all - everything. Our (the Saints) goal is to get better, make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl, but I'm not gonna anguish over it like I have in the past.
  • I have a lot of friends in New Orleans. It's a city of good people. Diana and I want to do as much as we can for the utter destruction, loss of life and the incredible loss of property and income.
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