TikTok creator who has earned several features and over 110,000 fans with her lip syncs of popular songs and comedy skits. Many of her videos involve her dressing up and playing different characters.  She started TikTok on her 8th birthday, back when it was known as musical.ly, and gained over 40,000 fans within the first year.  Prior to TikTok she worked her way up to a red belt in Taekwondo. She auditioned for Nickelodeon Slime Cup 2018.  Her real name is Reannah Hamdan. She has two olde
  • When was
    miss_reannah_h born?

    miss_reannah_h was born on Thursday, July 24, 2008

  • Where was
    miss_reannah_h born?

    miss_reannah_h was born in Sydney, Australia

  • How old is

    miss_reannah_h is 11

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