Molly Cravens

Molly Cravens


Molly Cravens is an Actress, American soccer player, and musician. She is best known for her role as the sarcastic, blonde, teenage neighbor Hayley Sundin in the TV series Up on High Ground (2014). Molly began acting at age 7 when she was cast into her first acting role in the St. Louis independent feature film "Hercules: The Brave and the Bold" in 2012 alongside her two sisters. Additionally she is a musician; particular instruments she plays are the Trumpet and Piano, which she has played in a music video duo alongside her sister in summer 2012 available on YouTube. Molly is also an award winning soccer player in the Saint Louis Metro area. Molly was invited to play a role as a barista who was of working age and at the time of the principal filming of the scene she was only 11 years old. This coffee shop scene where Cravens plays the barista was filmed as the very first scene in production order for the short film "To Inflict".
  • When was
    Molly Cravens born?

    Molly Cravens was born on Thursday, January 18, 2001

  • Where was
    Molly Cravens born?

    Molly Cravens was born in Belleville, Illois, USA

  • How old is
    Molly Cravens?

    Molly Cravens is 22

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