Nadia Gray

Nadia Gray


Born Nadia Kujnir-Herescu in Bucharest, Romania, on November 23, 1923, to a Russian father and a Bessarabian mother, the future actress Nadia Gray was raised there. She met first husband Constantin Cantacuzino (1905-1958), a Romanian aviator and noted WWII fighter ace, while she was a passenger on one of his commercial air flights. She couple fled the country during the Communist takeover of Romania in the late 1940s and emigrated to Paris. There Nadia enjoyed a vast international career as a Cosmopolitan lead and second lead on stage and in films. The couple eventually settled in Spain.
  • When was
    Nadia Gray born?

    Nadia Gray was born on Friday, November 23, 1923

  • Where was
    Nadia Gray born?

    Nadia Gray was born in Bucharest, Romania

  • How old was
    Nadia Gray when they died?

    Nadia Gray was 70

  • When did Nadia Gray die?

    Nadia Gray died on
    Monday, June 13, 1994

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