Nestor Serrano

Nestor Serrano


Nestor Serrano was born on November 5, 1955, in The Bronx, N.Y. He was born to father, Nestor Serrano and mother Regina Rosario who both arrived from Puerto Rico and consequently met in The Bronx. Nestor worked for The Bank of New York for two years as a computer operator from the age of eighteen and quickly became disillusioned with his prospects in that position. Nestor started his acting career almost thirty-five years ago at Queens College, where he was studying computer science. Joining the drama club was his attempt to meet new people - what he found was a lifelong passion for the performing arts. He soon left College and enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theater in Manhattan. Nestor's early acting work was primarily in the theater, including Broadway. It was just a matter of time before Nestor began working more and more in film and television. His first feature film was in The Money Pit with Tom Hanks. Since that time, Nestor has worked in nearly 35 feature films and countless television productions. A native New Yorker, Nestor moved to Los Angeles in 2010. He lives there with his lovely wife, Debbie, and his daughters Amelia and Lucy.
  • When was
    Nestor Serrano born?

    Nestor Serrano was born on Saturday, November 5, 1955

  • Where was
    Nestor Serrano born?

    Nestor Serrano was born in Bronx, New York, USA

  • How old is
    Nestor Serrano?

    Nestor Serrano is 64

  • How tall is Nestor Serrano?

    Nestor Serrano is 6'(1.83m)

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