Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage


Former UKIP leader, and a top rated right-winger in a poll by The Daily Telegraph who began leading the UK Independence Party in 2010. He was known for his impassioned speeches in European Parliament which often became very contentious. In 2016, he was very instrumental in getting the UK to announce it would be withdrawing from the European Union.
  • When was
    Nigel Farage born?

    Nigel Farage was born on Friday, April 3, 1964

  • Where was
    Nigel Farage born?

    Nigel Farage was born in Downe, England

  • How old is
    Nigel Farage?

    Nigel Farage is 60

  • How much is Nigel Farage worth?

    Nigel Farage is worth $4 Million

Best Quotes

  • I think that politics needs a bit of spicing up.
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