Nikolay Trofimov

Nikolay Trofimov


Nikolai Trofimov was born on January 20, 1920, in Sevastopol, USSR (now Ukraine). His parents were industrial workers. Young Trofimov began acting at school from the age of 10. From 1937- 1946 he studied under Boris Zon at the Theatrical Institute in Leningrad. His studies were interrupted by the Second World War. Trofimov worked as an actor with the troupe of Isaak Dunayevsky during the siege of Leningrad. He was entertaining defenders and survived the hunger and horrors of the Second World War. From 1946-1963 he worked at the Lenigrad Theatre of Comedy under Nikolai Akimov.
  • When was
    Nikolay Trofimov born?

    Nikolay Trofimov was born on Wednesday, January 21, 1920

  • Where was
    Nikolay Trofimov born?

    Nikolay Trofimov was born in Sevastopol, Taurida Governorate, Russia [now Crimea, Ukrae]

  • How old was
    Nikolay Trofimov when they died?

    Nikolay Trofimov was 86

  • When did Nikolay Trofimov die?

    Nikolay Trofimov died on
    Monday, November 7, 2005

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