Olivia Kay

Olivia Kay


Known through her YouTube covers of numerous popular songs, this young singer quickly attracted more than 40,000 subscribers and over 5 million views on the platform. She released a single called "You're One in a Million" in June of 2015. She uploaded her first YouTube video, a cover of the Disney hit "Colors of the Wind," in 2013. By the following year, the video had more than 33,000 views. She began singing publicly at the age of 7. She performed the National Anthem at an Oklahoma City pla
  • When was
    Olivia Kay born?

    Olivia Kay was born on Wednesday, July 2, 2003

  • Where was
    Olivia Kay born?

    Olivia Kay was born in Oklahoma

  • How old is
    Olivia Kay?

    Olivia Kay is 18

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