Peter Jeffrey

Peter Jeffrey


Immensely talented and instantly recognizable, Peter Jeffrey was one of a great generation of British actors who were comfortable in everything from classical theatre to television comedy. He was born in Bristol, England in 1929 and went on to be educated at Harrow school. He studied at Pembroke College, Cambridge and embarked on a career as an actor. During his distinguished and diverse stage career, he worked with all of the great British theatre companies and performed with the likes of Peggy Ashcroft, Marius Goring, Paul Scofield, Eric Porter and Peter O'Toole.
  • When was
    Peter Jeffrey born?

    Peter Jeffrey was born on Thursday, April 18, 1929

  • Where was
    Peter Jeffrey born?

    Peter Jeffrey was born in Bristol, England, UK

  • How old was
    Peter Jeffrey when they died?

    Peter Jeffrey was 71

  • When did Peter Jeffrey die?

    Peter Jeffrey died on
    Saturday, December 25, 1999

  • How tall is Peter Jeffrey?

    Peter Jeffrey is 5'10"(1.78m)

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