Philip Champion

Philip Champion


Philip Champion AKA Hot Sauce is one of the most popular growing streetballers ever. He started off on the And1 Mixtape Volume 3 and has now become a superstar. He is originally from Brooklyn, New York. He was charged with a misdemeanor crime and he could either pay his fine or serve his time. Mark Edwards, a friend of Hot Sauce who worked for And1 got him out of jail and moved him to Atlanta. From there on he blew up and became well known in playgrounds all over America. He has embarrassed the likes of former Arizona point guard now center fielder for the Cleveland Indians Kenny Lofton, Jaquez Green, Reidel Anthony, and Derek Bell. Not to mention all of the ballers on the And1 mixtape. Hot Sauce keeps making unique moves like The Hypnotizer, The Boomerang, The Hurricane and The Flinstone Shuffle.
  • When was
    Philip Champion born?

    Philip Champion was born on Wednesday, June 16, 1976

  • Where was
    Philip Champion born?

    Philip Champion was born in Jacksonville, Florida, USA

  • How old is
    Philip Champion?

    Philip Champion is 44

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