Ray Lloyd

Ray Lloyd


American martial artist, professional wrestler and actor best known for his work in WCW in the 1990s as Glacier. Debuted in 1989 under his own name as a TV jobber for the National Wrestling Alliance/WCW. Competed for Nobuhiko Takada's shoot-style promotion UWF-I and some Georgia independent promotions before becoming Glacier. The gimmick was based on the character Sub-Zero from the video game Mortal Kombat (1992) as part of a storyline called Blood Runs Cold. The first vignette aired on the May 4, 1996 "WCW Saturday Night." He was supposed to debut in July. Hulk Hogan's heel turn and the formation of the New World Order at "WCW Bash At The Beach 96" pushed everything else in WCW, including Glacier, to the back burner. Glacier debuted in August against Big Bubba (Ray Traylor) of the Dungeon of Doom. Because Glacier's debut was delayed, the debuts of his Blood Runs Cold enemies, Mortis (Chris Kanyon), Wrath (Bryan E. Clark II) and manager James Vandenberg (James Mitchell), were delayed until "WCW Uncensored" in March 1997. Glacier and Ernest "The Cat" Miller (Ernest Miller) ultimately lost the feud and everyone went their separate ways. Lloyd was briefly repackaged in 1999 as Coach Buzz Stern, the heel manager of jobber Luther Biggs. In late 2000, WCW teased the return of Glacier, which Norman Smiley seemed happy about, though no one else was and he never made it back to TV. WWE did not pick up his contract after purchasing WCW and he left for the independents, competing for Dusty Rhodes' Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling, CHIKARA, and various other promotions in the Georgia and Florida areas. He is a former 2x TCW Heavyweight Champion, a former 2x TCW Tag Team Champion (1x w/Ron Studd (Ron Reis) and 1x w/Jorge Estrada (Jorge Moraza), a former 1x NWA World Tag Team Champion with Jason Sugarman, a former UIW (Universal Independent Wrestling in Georgia) Heavyweight Champion and a former USWA (United States Wrestling Alliance in Jacksonville, Florida) Tag Team Champion.
  • When was
    Ray Lloyd born?

    Ray Lloyd was born on Wednesday, May 13, 1964

  • Where was
    Ray Lloyd born?

    Ray Lloyd was born in Brunswick, Georgia, USA

  • How old is
    Ray Lloyd?

    Ray Lloyd is 58

  • How tall is Ray Lloyd?

    Ray Lloyd is 6'2"(1.88m)

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