Reiner Schöne

Reiner Schöne


A tall, German actor with a constant villainous and cunning gaze in his eyes is Reiner Schone. Born in Germany on January 19, 1942, Reiner studied acting at the German National Theatre Weimar. He started his acting career in the '60s and since then has enjoyed his share of longevity in television and film. He work goes between European and western films and television series. Among his performance, Reiner is best known in films such as The Eiger Sanction (1975) starring Clint Eastwood. In television, he is best associated with episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), MacGyver (1985), and Babylon 5 (1994). In 1997, he appeared as the villain Shinnok in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997), the sequel to the movie based off the popular martial arts video game. Afterwards, Reiner continued darting back and forth between western and German productions. He is married and at one time moved to Los Angeles, California before moving in 2002 to Berlin, Germany where he lives now.
  • When was
    Reiner Schöne born?

    Reiner Schöne was born on Monday, January 19, 1942

  • Where was
    Reiner Schöne born?

    Reiner Schöne was born in Fritzlar, Germany

  • How old is
    Reiner Schöne?

    Reiner Schöne is 81

  • How tall is Reiner Schöne?

    Reiner Schöne is 6'4"(1.94m)

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