Robert Herrick

Robert Herrick


Robert Bruce Herrick II was born on January 3rd, 1985, in Wyandotte, Michigan. Herrick, attended Pre-School through first grade in the Armada school system. In 1992, his family decided to make a move to the neighboring town of Richmond, MI. where he attended second grade through his graduation from Richmond High School in 2003. Herrick graduated with honors. He was a varsity letter winner in Football, Basketball, and Track. After graduation, he attended Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, MI. Herrick, graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration in May 2007. He majored in Business Management, and Minored in Sports Management. In July of 2009 he accepted his first acting role for the movie "Meltdown" (2009). After he was done with the movie, it seemed like he was being offered roles for other various movies and modeling jobs. His second movie, was called "Red Dawn" (2010) which was a 1984 remake. Herrick played a police officer in a movie called "Mad About a Sunday" (2010), and had his first lead role in "Longer Than Forever" (2010) as Jack Cooper. A few of his most recent movies have been "Real Steel" (2011), and "Scream 4" (2011), Harold and Kumar 3 (2011), Transformers 3 (2011), This Must Be The Place (2011), and the Reasonable Bunch (2011). He has also appeared on HBO's Hung Season 2 Episode 2 (Just The Tip) (2010), and various appearances on ABC's (Detroit 1-8-7) (2010). Herrick is working on new film productions and modeling opportunities.
  • How tall is Robert Herrick?

    Robert Herrick is 5'11"(1.8m)

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  • Here she lies, a pretty bud, Lately made of flesh and blood:
  • And to your more bewitching, see the proud, Plump bed bear up, and swelling like a cloud,...
  • Conquer we shall, but, we must first contend! It's not the fight that crowns us, but the end.
  • Lord, 'tis Thy plenty-dropping hand That soils my land; And giv'st me, for my bushel sown, Twice ten for one; Thou mak'st my teeming hen to lay Her egg each day; Besides my healthful ewes to bear Me twins each year; The while the conduits of my kine Run cream, for wine. All these, and better, Thou dost send Me, to this end, That I should render, for my part, A thankful heart...
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  • If a little labor, little are our gains. Man's fortunes are according to his pains.
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  • Who with a little cannot be content, endures an everlasting punishment.
  • The body is the soul's poor house or home, whose ribs the laths are and whose flesh the loam.
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