Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan


40th president of the United States whose controversial economics philosophy, Reaganomics, impacted the latter part of the 20th century.
  • When was
    Ronald Reagan born?

    Ronald Reagan was born on Monday, February 6, 1911

  • Where was
    Ronald Reagan born?

    Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, IL

  • How old is
    Ronald Reagan?

    Ronald Reagan is 111

  • How much is Ronald Reagan worth?

    Ronald Reagan is worth $13 Million

Best Quotes

  • Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.
  • Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.
  • You can tell a lot about a fellow's character by the way he eats jelly beans.
  • Politics is just like show business, you have a hell of an opening, coast for a while and then have a hell of a close.
  • The taxpayer - that's someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take the civil service examination. Work
  • You make a living from what you get; but you make a life from what you give!
  • History teaches that wars begin when governments believe the price of aggression is cheap. To keep the peace, we and our allies must be strong enough to convince any potential aggressor that war could bring no benefit, only disaster.
  • So in your discussions of the nuclear freeze proposals, I urge you to beware the temptation of pride -- the temptation blithely to declare yourselves above it all and label both sides equally at fault, to ignore the facts of history and the aggressive impulses of an evil empire, to simply call the arms race a giant misunderstanding and thereby remove yourself from the struggle between right and wrong, good and evil.
  • I will stand on, and continue to use, the figures I have used, because I believe they are correct. Now, I'm not going to deny that you don't now and then slip up on something; no one bats a thousand.
  • 'Baseball is our national pastime, that is if you discount political campaigning.'
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