Rose Dione

Rose Dione


Rose Dione was born October 22, 1875 in Paris, France. Also known as Rosa Dione, Madame Dione and Madamoiselle Dion, there is very little information about her life, but her first appearance in films was in the 1910 French short subject Fleur des Maquis (Flower of the Maquis). She appeared in 68 films from 1910 until 1932, but her most notable role is as Madame Tetrallini, the guardian of the "children" in Tod Browning's Freaks (1932). She died on January 29, 1936 in Los Angeles, CA at the age of 60.
  • When was
    Rose Dione born?

    Rose Dione was born on Saturday, October 13, 1877

  • Where was
    Rose Dione born?

    Rose Dione was born in Paris, France

  • How old was
    Rose Dione when they died?

    Rose Dione was 59

  • When did Rose Dione die?

    Rose Dione died on
    Wednesday, January 29, 1936

  • How tall is Rose Dione?

    Rose Dione is 5'8"(1.73m)

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