Rosella Towne

Rosella Towne


Rosella Townsend is the second of three daughters of Frank and Viola Townsend, and lived in her birth town of Youngstown, Ohio until the late 1920s, when her family moved to Los Angeles. By the time she reached her teens she had blossomed into a beautiful young women and was asked by a friend to join in a dress show for a department store in her hometown (a dress show that would happen to have Mr. and Mrs. Jack Warner in its audience). Brought to Hollywood at age 19 she made her film debut in 1937 in a string of uncredited film roles but gained speaking parts in 1938. She starred alongside such names as Bette Davis, Ronald Reagan, George Brent, Lee Bowman, and Margaret Lindsay. With the coming of World War II she found herself getting less work in films and left films after marrying screenwriter Harry Kronman in 1942 in Los Angeles. They had two sons, Anthony and Michael.
  • When was
    Rosella Towne born?

    Rosella Towne was born on Sunday, January 20, 1918

  • Where was
    Rosella Towne born?

    Rosella Towne was born in Youngstown, Ohio, USA

  • How old was
    Rosella Towne when they died?

    Rosella Towne was 97

  • When did Rosella Towne die?

    Rosella Towne died on
    Friday, August 29, 2014

  • How tall is Rosella Towne?

    Rosella Towne is 5'6"(1.68m)

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