Ross Hornby

Ross Hornby


Representing the "H" in HAT Films, this YouTube gamer, also known as Djh3max, became a member of the Yogscast family and is primarily seen playing the popular game Minecraft.  He is an original member of Hat Films, meeting one of his partners, Chris Trott, while studying at university.  He served as an announcer in a "Defeat the Meat" Burger Challenge between his other partner, Alex Smith, and Strippin.  He frequently posts photos of his dogs on Instagram. He has a brother.  He is partne
  • When was
    Ross Hornby born?

    Ross Hornby was born on Wednesday, September 7, 1988

  • Where was
    Ross Hornby born?

    Ross Hornby was born in England

  • How old is
    Ross Hornby?

    Ross Hornby is 34

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