Ryder Skye

Ryder Skye


Bright, beautiful and exotic Ryder Skye of Asian and American descent is another one the more promising newcomers in the adult entertainment business. Born October 13, 1983 in Los Angeles, California, Ryder's path into the entertainment field was as she described as "unexpected". This brunette-haired beauty displayed more conventional promise in her college stint as a theatre major. However, her studies did not end there as her efforts are towards earning a degree in women's studies with a minor in human sexuality. Still before she considered working in the adult filming field, she worked as an executive assistant in a toy company before moving to Hollywood where she went into exotic dancing. In 2007 she made her debut and since that time has appeared frequently before cameras. Her plans when she finally concludes her time in the industry is to be marriage counselor and sex therapist.
  • When was
    Ryder Skye born?

    Ryder Skye was born on Thursday, October 13, 1983

  • Where was
    Ryder Skye born?

    Ryder Skye was born in Los Angeles, California, USA

  • How old is
    Ryder Skye?

    Ryder Skye is 36

  • How tall is Ryder Skye?

    Ryder Skye is 5'1"(1.57m)

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