Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock


Actress who won an Academy Award for her leading role in the 2009 film The Blind Side. She has also played starring roles in the films Speed, Gravity, The Proposal, Miss Congeniality, Crash and Bird Box. Growing up, she performed in a children's chorus that her mother produced. She moved to Manhattan after graduating from drama school at East Carolina University in 1986 and worked as a bartender and cocktail waitress.  She voices the character Scarlett Overkill in the 2015 film Minions.  S
  • When was
    Sandra Bullock born?

    Sandra Bullock was born on Sunday, July 26, 1964

  • Where was
    Sandra Bullock born?

    Sandra Bullock was born in Arlington, VA

  • How old is
    Sandra Bullock?

    Sandra Bullock is 59

  • How much is Sandra Bullock worth?

    Sandra Bullock is worth $200 Million

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