Sharyn Moffett

Sharyn Moffett


A child actress who showed heart-warming potential in the 1940s, child actress Sharyn Moffett (born Patricia Sharyn Moffett) was a cute presence in a number of sentimental tales. Closer to young Margaret O'Brien than Shirley Temple in type and demeanor, Sharyn was born on September 12, 1936 in Alameda, California to a show business family. Her mother was a dancer (billed as Gladyce Roberts) and her father, Bob Moffett, a singer and film bit player who once performed in burlesque shows and barbershop quartets. A younger brother, Gregory Moffett also went on to appear in films as a child actor.
  • When was
    Sharyn Moffett born?

    Sharyn Moffett was born on Saturday, September 12, 1936

  • Where was
    Sharyn Moffett born?

    Sharyn Moffett was born in Alameda, California, USA

  • How old is
    Sharyn Moffett?

    Sharyn Moffett is 83

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