Shawn Osuch

Shawn Osuch


Call of Duty expert who started the EliteShot YouTube channel. The channel's success led him expanding his username into a brand, beginning with EliteShot hats and an app available for both iOS and Android. He launched his highly successful channel in January of 2012. He calls himself the Friendly COD Fanboy. The EliteShot YouTube channel has more than 1.1 million subscribers. He has a fraternal twin brother named Pat. He also has a sister who welcomed her second child in February of 2015.
  • When was
    Shawn Osuch born?

    Shawn Osuch was born on Wednesday, September 28, 1994

  • Where was
    Shawn Osuch born?

    Shawn Osuch was born in New York

  • How old is
    Shawn Osuch?

    Shawn Osuch is 29

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